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    In this article, I would like to introduce you to the Makita reciprocating saw that we often use.

    • Rubber for tires
    • Iron pipe
    • Wood, etc.

    You can easily cut a variety of things.



    What is Reciprocating Saw?

    This is it.

    It is an electric saw.

    When the trigger switch is pressed, the blade part reciprocates and cuts automatically just by holding it down.By changing the blade, it is possible to cut various materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, PVC, and rubber.

    There are many types of reciprocating saws, including power cord types and small size saws.

    We chose the product in the photo because…

    1. Can be held with one hand.
    2. Longer blade stroke for more efficient cutting.
    3. Battery-powered, so you can take it anywhere.

    When purchasing, it is best to choose the one that suits you best.

    Even I can use it!

    And above all, it is easy to use.

    This type of saw is safe to cut with if used correctly.

    I've always been afraid to use a circular saw, so I've left it to my husband to dismantle furniture and cut wood, but with this, I can!

    I'm glad it has expanded my work range.

    ”If you press the red line against the object, you can cut it steadily."
    It has a lock function. Press here when not in use, and it will not malfunction.

    Lock it when not in use.

    You can make it safer by making it a habit to lock the saw when not in use.

    For example, if you accidentally press the trigger switch and the saw moves when you hand it to someone, you will be able to avoid such an accident.

    What Could It Cut?


    Old furniture looks like this.
    The whole nail can be cut.

    In our town, when disposing of old furniture, it was necessary to separate the wood from the nails.

    It's hard to pull out each nail individually, and cutting them with a circular saw is dangerous because of the kickback.

    A reciprocating saw that can cut the wood while leaving the nails in place would be a great help.

    ②Steel Products

    YouTube Satoyama no Shiina 030

    Can cut the machine.

    This was when I disassembled an agricultural machine left behind by my predecessor.

    I had to remove the bolts, but in this case I had to cut them off because the press-fitted parts are not easy to remove.

    If I hadn't been able to cut it off, I would have spent more time.

    YouTube Satoyama no Shiina 035

    single-pipe pipes with ease!

    It was easier to cut than I imagined, and I think I'm going to be addicted to this ease…


    YouTube Satoyama no Shiina 035 If the trunk is this thick, a reciprocating saw will cut faster.

    Of course you can cut wood, but you may want to use a chainsaw for different sizes.

    If the trunk is as thick as your arm, a reciprocating saw would be a better choice. If it is thicker than that, the chainsaw is faster.

    Chain saws are also convenient, but once you use it, you need to maintain it and prepare oil, so using a reciprocating saw would be more efficient depending on the situation.

    YouTube Satoyama no Shiina 035 This thickness was not efficient.

    ④PVC (plastic)

    It's easy to make, so it's fun.

    You can choose from a variety of manufacturers.

    We went with a Makita reciprocating saw because we had Makita batteries, but there are other manufacturers out there as well.

    Why don't you check them out?


    How was it?

    • Those who cut and disassemble a variety of materials
    • For easy usage

    I highly recommend it. Please try to use it.

    So long.


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